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Testimonials - What Our Clients Say

“After a decade in the business, my income plummeted when the economy crashed. But since beginning with Sales Production Secrets I’ve watched my bottom line grow dramatically. Not one of those complicated, time-consuming, or expensive sales strategies agents often buy into, Fred Wilson’s programs have shown me what no other instructor, expert, book, or seminar ever could… How to make more money now!”

 -Jilline Holliday


Sales Production Secrets with Fred Wilson has dramatically changed the way I approach real estate sales-for the better! I’ve gained a new mind-set for success…all of which has translated into income immediately. It’s been like a fresh start in the business… Thanks Fred!”

 -Josef Szigeti


"Fred Wilson has provided me with the sales training I’ve been looking for. His instructional style and sharing of personal experiences in real estate are very motivating to me! In fact, I find his techniques helpful in all aspects of life! I now focus daily on implementing his Principles of Production and look to the morning Production Alert calls to keep me on track. Thanks Fred for everything you do!”

 -Betty Jaurequi Relo


“More than anything, Fred Wilson’s coaching has taught me to focus on today, not the future. My newfound ability to stay in the now causes me to appreciate the value of my time more and, as a result, prioritize better. Whether a “yes” or a “no”, I have learned how to get to the truth with my prospects sooner and―thank you SPS―avoid the “maybes”." 

 -Mike Williams