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Welcome to the OpportunityAlert!™ series. Please make sure to save your Access Codes below.


Thank you for placing your order with Fred Wilson's Sales Production Secrets!

Please plan to join Fred for his next OpportunityAlert! call. Simply dial in using the numbers below at the scheduled time, and follow the voice prompts to listen to the call.


The OpportunityAlert!™ conference call is at 6:05 AM Pacific Time, Monday through Friday, with a

rebroadcast at 10:05 AM Pacific Time. Just dial in to the phone number below to listen and use the

conference password provided:



Monday to Friday, 6:05am Pacific Time

Rebroadcast at 10:05am

Telephone #: 425-440-5100

Backup #: 951-256-5632

Conference ID: 765605#

*OppAlert!™ Conference Password: 8828#

Please be sure to print this page for your records or write down your pass codes so you don't forget them!

If you happen to loose your numbers, or have any questions or issues, please contact customer

support at any time and we'll be happy to help!


Phone: 760.777.9090

Email: beth@capitisrealestate.com

Fred Wilson's Sales Production Secrets